CBD Legal States Policy

Medical Cannabis Policy State by State: Kentucky

What is the legal status of cannabis in Kentucky?

Kentucky has limited medical marijuana laws. There is no mercy for anything containing THC, and Kentucky only permits the use of CBD in two circumstances:

  1. When its use is recommended by a physician associated with a clinic affiliated with a Kentucky Public University having a college or school of medicine, or
  2. As part of participation in a study run by the USDA.

Ironically, Kentucky has historically been one of the nation’s top producers of hemp crop. Going back centuries, much of the fibrous hemp used in North America was grown in Kentucky, and since the passage of the farm bill in 2014, much of the legal industrial hemp produced has come from Kentucky.

CBD derived from industrial hemp (most likely Kentucky-grown!) is 100% legal in all 50 states, as this plant never has more than negligible trace amounts of THC, but is generally rich in CBD and other cannabinoids. Even in strict states like Kentucky, anyone can order CBD oil online from a number of manufacturers who use legally cultivated industrial hemp.

Eligible Conditions: