CBD Legal States Policy

Medical Cannabis Policy State by State: Alabama

What is the legal status of CBD in Alabama?

In 2016, the Alabama state legislature passed SB 174, set to be automatically repealed in 2019. This was amplified by HB 61 in 2016, called Leni’s Law.  The replacement ruling allows anyone in the state who is diagnosed with one of the debilitating diseases listed below, regardless of age, to take CBD in any form as long as there is no plant matter present and THC by volume is less than 3% relative to the volume of CBD present. In addition, it removed the automatic repeal date in 2019, so CBD is in Alabama to stay.

Alabama has a very primitive view of cannabis in light of the recent science behind CBD and other phytocannabinoids, including the discovery of their ability to relieve a number of medical conditions with the efficacy of leading pharmaceutical drugs.

CBD oil derived from industrial hemp is 100% legal in all 50 states, as this plant never has more than trace amounts of THC, but is generally rich in CBD and other cannabinoids. Even in strict states like Alabama, anyone can order pure CBD oil online from a number of manufacturers which use industrial hemp imported or cultivated legally.

Eligible Conditions:

  • cachexia or wasting syndrome
  • severe or chronic pain
  • severe nausea
  • seizures
  • severe and persistent muscle spasms
  • In addition to these, there is a catchall clause which qualifies any other condition that is “severe and resistant to conventional medicine