CBD Legal States Policy

Medical Cannabis Policy State by State: Indiana

What is the legal status of cannabis in Indiana?

The Hoosier State has legalized the use of cannabidiol-dominant oil for the treatment of epilepsy in patients who are registered with the state registry.  In April of this year (2017), Indiana passed HB 1148, which is a very limited iteration of this law, but a first step nonetheless by a state known for strict marijuana policy.  Accordingly, the state does not permit any other use of cannabis whatsoever.

Some ambitious state lawmakers plan on putting forward legislation in the coming cycles to expand this policy, but attempts have been futile in the past so only time will tell.  CBD oil derived from Industrial Hemp is 100% legal in all 50 states, as this plant never has more than trace amounts of THC, but is generally rich in CBD and other cannabinoids.

Eligible Conditions:

  • Epilepsy