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CBD Leading the Charge Against Tourette’s

The cannabis industry is constantly growing scientifically as well as economically. There are a multitude of manufacturers who providing endless variety of CBD products.  With increasing reliance on CBD infused products for pain management, cancer, insomnia, and other mainstream diseases, there are some less common but nonetheless serious health conditions which have been ignored. Tourette Syndrome is one of them.

What is Tourette’s Syndrome?

Tourette syndrome (TS or simply Tourette’s) is a common neuropsychiatric disorder with onset in childhood.  Tourette’s is characterized by multiple motor tics and at least one vocal (phonic) tic.

A tic represents an involuntary, instantaneous, recurrent, nonrhythmic motor movement or vocalization involving several discrete muscle groups. Tics can be invisible to the observer, such as abdominal tensing or toe crunching. Eye blinking and shaky heads are common motor tics whereas throat clearing, habitual coughing, and deep inhale voice are phonic tics. Tourette syndrome is often considered to be a genetic disease.  Medical research is still in early stages and the exact causes behind such behaviors are yet to be brought to the surface.

What is CBD’s effect on Tourette’s symptoms?

The CBD industry and its researchers have observed a positive correlation between CBD use and a subsidence of Tourette’s symptoms. We all know that CBD is a veteran in the treatment of anxiety, spasticity, cancer, and joint pain. Though the documentations on TS are yet to be framed, a report by NCBI bears a witness of CBD’s enormous medical use in negating the symptomatology of TS.

CBD diminishes tics

From reports of the NCBI, it is clearly evident that CBD dampens the rigorous muscular and vocal tics associated with Tourette’s. The report read that 64 TS patients were interviewed in regard to their consumption of CBD and its influence on TS symptomatology. Out of 17 sufferers (27%) who reported the use of CBD and its products, 14 of those respondents (82%) reported a reduction or complete remission of motor and vocal tics. Along with the behavioral relief, the majority of victims also experienced relief from less noticeable symptoms like muscle spasms and joint pain.

CBD relieves obsessive compulsive disorder

OCD is the most prevalent comorbidity of TS, and includes urges of verbal aggression and repetitive counting, touching, and dictation. As demonstrated by the same study mentioned above, OCD-associated behavioral reduction was demonstrated in rats and mice.  A group of researchers injected meta-Chlorophenylpiperazine (mCPP) to rats, a compound found in ecstasy pills. It induced panic attacks and OCD-like effects. Rats were put in a sand-brimmed cage with a few dozen marbles around them. The rats began to rearrange the marbles in no time. This was an OCD-like effect caused by the MCPP compound.  After observing this effect, the rats were injected with liquid CBD. Almost immediately, their behavior changed and normal functioning resumed.

CBD greatly reduces hyperactivity

Hyperactivity, aggression, and mirroring of observed behaviors are prevalent comorbid conditions in TS patients. In general, they happen involuntarily and sufferers are widely unaware of such behaviors. Use of CBD has been shown to quell hyperactivity and aggression. According to the journal of neuropharmacology, CBD may reduce aggression and improve social interaction. A test was conducted on mice, and behavior was mapped both pre and post-CBD administration. It was observed that the brain function of CBD-injected mice became very regular and did not indicate any sort of stress.

Currently, only four states – Arkansas, Illinois, Minnesota, and Ohio – have approved Tourette’s syndrome as a qualifying conditional to participate in their medical marijuana programs.  However, someone suffering from Tourette’s can enjoy all of these benefits through the use of CBD  oil derived from industrial hemp.  This breed of cannabis has 0% THC by definition, and products derived from it are 100% legal in all 50 states, guaranteed.